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No need to sit at the PC all day, use Super Sports Bot on the Tennis this year!!



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Thanks for dropping by...

If you are a follower of ours, you will have noticed that we are making more betting inter active software, why?

The feedback has been constant that you want software that can sort, stake and place the bets, without you.

And we have listened and build (for horses), and (for soccer).

And now, we bring a software for 15 top sports, this one Super Sports Bot.

These softwares bet without your interference, all you need to do is input the settings you want and away it goes.

The bot uses Betfair API, so you need a betfair account in order to run the bot.

Why do you think people are looking for a product like this?

We are all mostly time poor and a tad lazy (forgetful), plus now the betting world never sleeps.

As an individual it is hard to keep track of all the opportunities available, and researching the bets can be boring...

plus staking the selections successfully is another task hard to master.

Betting has changed a lot in the past 20 years, and you also need to look at where you can get the extra edge, and enjoyment.

We recognise that you enjoy betting, but find it time consuming, and some times laborious.

We automate our toast making, coffee making,dishwashing... betting and winning is should be no different.

Look, for a few pennies a day, you can get the bets made and still enjoy the match or game, without all the research and bet placing..

This software does it.

It makes the bets, and makes the selections, and staking the betting in order to build your bank.

The it provides you a record you can download in excel.

Why would you want that?

To see where the losses maybe and allow you to make a better strategy, and also allow to maximise your profits.

Whether you are a risk taker or not, you can stake accordly.

You control the recovery plan, keep it tight, or higher, it is you that set it.


Hate Laying?

Don't dismiss it to early, this software and staking may just change your mind, it did me..


Backing, then you can see patterns, a profits and build a solid strategy in the sports you love.

You will see leagues that cost you profits, and maybe are better laying those leagues.

You are in control, and all in one place, and all on auto..




Bot Interface:

The software is very flexiable, in the sports you can exclude and country leagues within a sports group you can exclude also.

You are in Control..

If you want to back certain sports, and lay different sports then that is no problem also.

Like our other softwares, we have 10 tabs so you can run multiple games at the same time, very useful in busy times.

The markets we bet on in Super Sports Bot is Match Odds only. However within the market we have 5 options.

  • Favourite
  • Home
  • Away
  • Draw
  • Home Favourite

Obviously the draw is only for a few sports.



To see more indepth please download the manual Click Here (pdf format)

or click here to see it on the web.


Below is the latest testing Michael has been doing using 10p Target and 10 p Profit Delta, on all sports.

250 points

Using a £1.00 Target, that is £250.00 Profit over this short time.

From 21st November, 2016 to 24th December, 2016





As from September, 2016 Australian Wallet was discontinued.

So now everyone can Bet on Australian Sports and Horses.


Australia Clients:

We have included in this Software.

  • Aussie Rules (AFL)
  • Rugby League (NRL)
  • Super 16 Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Basketball

UK and Other Countries:

Have access to all 15 sports also.

Latest Results Backing Only.

13 days 77.95 Points

Setting as below.


Mexican Wave


Backing Only.


64 Bets

48 Winning Ones.

If you had a £1.00 Target, these settings made £58.00 in 11 days.

All on Auto.





Back Strategy I am using in testing.

This setting is very simple as I want to see want sports etc are working on these simple setting.

35 Points in 5 day Backing, from 58 Bets, 38 wins.

These are the settings we are using to get the above results.

You will notice that was are using a Stop Profit of only 20p (that is what we are targeting to win on a winning bet.)

And we are adding a Profit Delta of only 10p per losing bet (explained in the manual you can download free.)

We are using all sports, and all leagues no filters.

Also we are using the Mexican wave option.

Also all ten tabs are in use on this strategy.

Commission is set at 5%

We are using Australian wallet and main wallet.

If you dont have the Australian wallet (to bet on games in Australia and NZ), you are only missing a few games.

But you can apply to Betfair to get an Australian Wallet.

However we encourage you to do your own research and settings, this is a guide only.



Laying Strategy .

Match Odds, Home Team, between 1.50 and 2.00 (see settings below).


Settings for laying.

This is betting on the Main Wallet only. (As Michael does not have Australian Wallet).

Match odds Minimum match amount is 5000 US$, so around 3,400 UK pounds is good.

In the results above, you will see Michael started with .50c target, then moved to .70c and then to $1.00

End result 28.24 points, after commission, all on Auto.

The return to risk was 15%


These settings are only a guide, and you can change them as much as you like.

Ths software is a tool, and it does what you set it to do.

By the way, no sports or leagues were filtered out.






Super Sports Bot is something which is must for any sports lover. As mentioned above, it helps you bet on any of the 15 sports listed above.

If you don’t want to bet on any particular sports, you can simply untick ( uncheck) that sports and it will not place any bet on that sports.

So, even if you are AFL lover, or tennis lover or Basketball lover, this bot is fit for purpose for every sports lover.

Currently, we have limited our scope to only one market match odds ( or Moneyline) in any sports but it will be expanded to other profitable markets for various sports later on.

You can do – both backing and laying the betting opportunities for any sports.

How many times you  think if you can simply  lay all tennis matches between 1.5 to 2.0 and see if we can make profit or not? And you know that you can’t do it on your own as you can’t sit on pc all the time but Sports bot can do for you.

As you can bet small (under betfair minimum), 10p or less, you can research patterns not previously available to many punters.

It will not only place bets for you but also does recovery staking for you, so eventually you come out as a winner.

You can control the stop loss and stop profits, on the recovery staking plan.

Set it very low it becomes virtually level staking, our let the recovery run to higher amounts.

Stop at a winner strategy should not scare you as with this bot, you should use this strategy to your advantage. You can choose and decide which games for any sports you want to bet on and with more research, you can definitely decrease the probability for any long losing runs. 

Please remember, if you don’t try anything new, you will not learn anything new.

Don’t get obsolete with only manual betting.

Get yourself distanced from the concept of manual betting, or at least add it to your armoury.

With Sports bot, you can bet on any sports round the clock 24 *7.

You will not miss any single betting opportunity.

You will not miss any big betting tournament … any time zone will be fine for you as bot will work for you all the time.



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Yes, guys I like the idea of having my sports betting done for me.. I am in.





Licence is for 1 Computer Only.

and 12 months use.

For Window Based Computers Only.

Can be used on Windows based VPS also.

Limited Numbers




Grab Now For


Save £50.00


Around 22p a day!!

Bet these all year round.



Need Betfair Account to operate this Software.



If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?


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